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Simple YogaChi Presents

Far East Tai Chi Meets East Yoga

A Unique Fusion Program

 Dr. Roger Jhanke OMD, author of the book ‘The Healer Within’ /creator of Tai Chi Easy

Tai Chi Easy™/ QI Gong * EASY – No Prior Training needed ** ANYONE CAN DO IT All ages/well/unwell/ includes those who may be dealing with disease, chronic pain and health conditions/limited mobility—even wheel chair bound *** ANYWHERE In Bed/ Sitting/Standing/Walking **** ANYTIME If awake & Breathing – YOU can do it ! ***** Fits busiest Lifestyle ****** Highly Adaptable for special Needs .

Using simplified Tai Chi based on the four major recognized styles of Tai Chi, resulting in empowerment in self-care, self-management skills and spiritual enhancements. Health Benefits: This style includes steps and exercises that improve mobility, breathing and relaxation. Heals disease and Prevents illness. Reduces stress, anxiety and depression. Reduces susceptility of falling in seniors. Safe form of exercise for medically challenged. Improves sleep quality. Improves everyday physical functioningand quality of life.

Patanjali Yoga is a 5000 year old science of unison of mind, body and breath. The regiment practiced uplifts physical, mental and emotional health. Some of benefits of yoga are:*Control of emotions ** Improved concentration ***Enhanced physical fitness ****Removal of chronic ailments like arthritis, constipation, etc.***** Stimulation of blood circulation ******Increased flexibility and muscle strength.

Instructor: Benu Dhawan

Ms. Benu Dhawan went to Mercy College for physical therapy.  From a very young age, she practiced and learnt yoga.  In the USA, she learnt yoga from renowned Anand Baba. She has been helping and teaching yoga for both young and old for the last 20 years. She is a Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader and is associated with Healer within Foundation and  Institute of Integral QiGong and Tai Chi. She has helped people achieve health goals through holistic mind, body and energy programs.

Location: Yoga by Robin, 19 East Main Street, Carriage House, Marlton, NJ 08053

Cost: $10 per person for a group session

To register contact:
Benu Dhawan at savikid@comcast.net, (856) 364-5052  
Robin Soll at Robin@Robinsollyoga.com (609) 440-0824